Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Couple Next Door: A Novel by Shari Lapena - Book Review

The Couple Next Door: A Novel             
Published by Pamela Dorian Books
Originally Published: August 2016
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

by Shari Lapena


Marco and Anne Conti are new parents to baby Cora. Anne is experiencing postpartum depression, as many new moms do, so when they get invited to a dinner party next door Marco thinks they should go.

The Contis spent a good deal of time with their neighbors, Cynthia and Graham, before having a baby. Marco sees this as an opportunity for Anne to relax and rekindle a friendship. 

The only problem is Cynthia has requested no children at the party. This wouldn't be a problem, except the babysitter cancelled last minute. Now what? Marco suggests they bring the monitor and take turns checking on the baby every half hour. After all, they will only be next door. What's the worst that could happen?

That decision is the beginning of any parents worst nightmare. When they return home at the end of the night, baby Cora is missing from her crib. Now they must piece together the events of the evening with the help of the police and pray Cora is returned to them safely.

My Rating: 4 stars

Let me start by saying, this is not my typical read. I like to read happy books. Books that make me smile. I don't tend to be attracted to books with fear and anxiety brimming from the pages. Books that involve kidnapping and murder....but I gave this one a chance.

It was a good read. It kept me coming back for more. I had to know what happened next. The chapters were short, which made it easier and faster to read. I felt like I flew through the book.

I like that the characters are flawed and relateable. Adulting is hard! Marco and Anne Conti are examples of that. She comes from a wealthy family with plenty of secrets. Marco is a regular guy working to provide for his family. He just can't quite get the business model right to succeed. His in-laws hate him which makes it that much harder to admit defeat. Add in Anne's mental health issues and life just seems down right unfair.

I also enjoyed the use of 3rd person omniscient point of view used by the author. It was an interesting mix of emotions as the reader knows and feels the plot from the perspective of each of the characters. Shari Lapena lets the reader visit the mind of several characters per chapter. This was a different experience for me as a reader, but a definitely a good one.

I definitely recommend this book for all the suspense lovers out there.

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Disclaimer: I received this book as a Christmas gift from my in-laws. It was on my Amazon wish list as a book hoped to purchase. The thoughts and opinions above are my own.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of your own, you can easily do so below. Once you've read it, let me know your thoughts!

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