Tuesday, January 23, 2018

We'll Always Have Paris: A Novel by Sue Watson - Book Review

Genre: General Fiction, Romance, Chick Lit
Expected Publication: April 3, 2018
by Skyhorse Publishing
We'll Always Have Paris: A Novel
By Sue Watson


Rosie Carter has recently become a widow after being married for over 40 years. Her daughters are grown and have families of their own. She feels like a stranger in her own skin. She is alone and unsure of herself. 

Rosie isn't sure she's ready, but she decides it is time to make an attempt at normalcy again. She begins working in her flower shop again, but part-time. The wedding of the year is coming up and they need Rosie's help. Who knew this decision could be the one to change her life?

While at the wedding, Rosie has a chance meeting with Peter. Peter stole her heart years ago and has stayed on her mind through the years. The two of them had dreamt of running off to Paris together. How different her life would have been. 

Peter broke her heart as a young woman, Rosie's not sure she can take that chance again as a grandma. Does fate really exist? Can second chances actually have a happy ending? Or will Paris remain a dream of a life long ago?

Rating: 4 stars

My thoughts:

Oh this is a touching story! I love that the main characters are in their 60's. This is a welcome change to the typical young and beautiful character. As much as we would all love to stay young and tight skinned, it isn't reality. Rosie is reminded of her beauty throughout the novel. Her beauty as a young woman and her beauty as an older woman. A great reminder to women everywhere!

I recently lost my father and can relate to the feelings that Rosie felt in the beginning of the novel. As Rosie discovered her new normal (the one that included her as a widow and living alone) I felt a real connection to her. She almost felt real to me. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I did find it to be slightly repetitive at times though, reminding the reader of events that previously occurred. I also felt it could have been a more fluid read. There were times throughout the novel that the author jumped from one scene to the next with little transition. 

Overall, I highly recommend this novel. 

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Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of this title for my honest review. All opinions and statements above are my own.   Professional Reader

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