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An Unnatural Beanstalk (Entwined Tales - Vol. 2) by Brittany Fichter - Book Review

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Publication Date: February 12, 2018
Genre: Fairy Tale, Fiction, Adventure, Romance

Eva has always been the quietest of her sisters. She tries to go unnoticed, but her height makes that impossible. She shies away from love and life, except in her music. She has a love for the harp specifically. All of her dreams revolve around her music. Just when her dreams are beginning to come true, a good deed sends her spiraling out of control. As the old saying goes, "No good deed goes unnoticed." 

The next thing Eva knows, her music is a curse to her and everyone around her, and she's been kidnapped and betrothed to an utterly despicable man. 

Will she be able to bring her music back to life and find the man of her dreams? Or will life become a dreary, submissive place for Eva?

Rating: 5 stars

My Thoughts:
I must admit, my initial thoughts when I started this book were not great. My opinions were not based on the author, or even the cover (the cover is amazing btw!). My thoughts were purely based on my lack of interest in the original tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. I can't really say why, it has just never been a fave of mine. 

Back to An Unnatural Beanstalk, it was awesome! I genuinely enjoyed reading this novel. I love the main character, Eva. She is feminine and self-conscious yet also strong and determined, a beautiful combination.  I enjoyed each new plot twist as they came and it kept me yearning to read more. 

This was another quick read for me. I love that, but I also miss the characters once I'm done. This is one of the joys of the Entwined Tales series. The characters make appearances in each novel, so I don't feel like they are completely gone just yet. I am reading them completely out of order, but it does not take away from the tales at all. Each can be stand alone, but it is recommended to read them in order. What can I say? I guess I'm a rule breaker.  Check out my thoughts on A Bear'sA Bear's Bride (Entwined Tales - Vol. 2)

I would love to hear your opinion of this book in the comments below. 

If you are looking to purchase a copy of your own, please click on the link. 

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book digitally in return for my honest review. All statements and opinions are my own. 

Here are the rest of the Entwined Tales novels for your pleasure!


  1. What order do they go in? I’d love to read these based on your recommendation!

  2. Thank you ❤️
    The recommended order is:
    A Goose Girl by KM Shea
    An Unnatural Beanstalk by Brittany Fichter
    A Bear’s Bride by Shari L. Tapscott
    A Beautiful Curse by Kenley Davidson
    Little Mermaid by Aya Ling
    An Inconvenient Princess by Melanie Cellier

    These ladies really did a wonderful job!
    Enjoy! ❤️


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