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Knights Who Stole My Heart (Knight Series Book 2) by Sonya Jesus - Book Review

Published: February 28, 2018
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Romance
Pages: 290


Amelia is back and still in romantic limbo.

Connor still shows the promise of a new, unscathed future. Lia loves the idea, but can she follow through with what he wants? And then there is the baggage that he brings. He’s best buds with Jaime, Meg’s sister, which is a major hit against him.

Then there’s Robins, Lia’s BFF. He’s sexy and he knows her heart from the inside, but he belongs to Meg and he’s not even faithful to her! But why does it seem like their relationship has changed lately?
The soccer gods have come out of the wood work. Since when have they been friends with Lia? She didn’t even think they had ever noticed her!

Throw in Mason and we have an absolute catastrophe!

Hawk is still hiding on the sidelines. He’s still waiting for the day that he will make Lia his Queen. Lia thinks she has problems now, but Hawk is convinced that once they are together, they will never have another problem. He has planned for any that may arise though. He will do anything to be sure of that.
Who knew life at Westbrook could be so eventful? This is definitely going to top Medieval Week! But someone is still pranking Lia. Someone is trying to send her a message. It could be anyone. Is it really a prank? Or will Lia be soon be history?

My Thoughts
Sonya Jesus has done it again! I actually think I like this book even better than the first! Check out my thoughts on Knights After My Heart (Knight Series Book 1) here

From the first pages, I was drawn back in to the story of Lia and Hawk. I love the feel of reading two separate yet completely entwined stories. The author seamlessly blends the two points of view without ever repeating unnecessary details.
I am completely engrossed with Lia’s love life! I so think she should pick….wait, I can’t tell you! Not until you've read it yourself!

The reader gets to see more of Lia’s Vixen and Angel in this book. Those two are seriously fun and seriously relateable! Every girl should be as in touch with their Vixen and Angel!

Hawk’s perspective keeps the reader on edge and constantly trying to figure out his next move.
The hardest part about reading this book was that I moved right in the middle of reading it! After moving all day (and wanting to do nothing more than read this book), I finally snuggled into bed and was ready to read, but my body was so exhausted, I couldn’t! It. Was. Miserable! I started sneaking away to read when I should have been working!

I highly recommend this novel. It is not a stand-alone. It is necessary to read the first novel for the background knowledge, but completely worth it!

Pick up your copy below, then comment your thoughts. I can’t wait to here them! Also, who is your vote for Lia’s knight in shining armor? Do you think she’ll live to choose? 

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of this book in return for my honest review. All opinions and statements are my own.

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Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway: TRIP by T. Torrest!

TRIP is FINALLY here ya'll!!!

I am thrilled to introduce you to an exclusive excerpt from TRIP! This is the brand new book from the Remember When series by T. Torrest. Layla and Trip are back at it, only this time we hear Trip's side of the story! The Remember When series is one of my top ranked series! I legit hear songs that I deem worthy of the movie soundtrack still! I read this series over a year ago and I STILL do this! (When you start making the movie, keep me in mind!) 

If you haven't read the Remember When series, I highly recommend it! (Links to buy below)

Here is my excerpt from TRIP by the amazing T. Torrest!

 By the time the bell rang, I’d solidified my place in the Alpha group. For all the places I’ve ever lived in, the formula for popularity was always the same. All it ever took was a little bit of confidence and a whole lot of ballbusting.
   Momjokes. The universal language no matter where you went.  
   Rymer came with me to pit-stop at my locker so I could grab a notebook for English class.
   “So, hey,” he said. “You play any sports?”
   “Yeah. Hockey.” I grabbed my notebook and checked my back pocket to make sure I still had my pen. “I’m checking out the Shermer Heights rink after school. Is it any good?”
   “Definitely. Hey, the bell’s gonna ring, but I’ll see you sixth period.”
   I’d already compared schedules with everyone at the lunch table and found that Rymer and I had study hall together after my next class. “Yep.”
   “And you’ve got Mason now, right?”
   “Heh. Good luck with that.” He snickered out an evil laugh as he started walking backwards, disappearing into the crush of kids barreling their way down the hall. “She’s tough, man. You’d better watch your ass with her. Just a heads up.”
   “Noted. Thanks.”


The year is 1990. Big hair and Bon Jovi, muscle cars and rock n roll set the stage for this novel. 

Trip Wilmington is the new kid in town, again. He is used to moving from city to city, and making new friends as he goes. It's his normal. He's fits in quickly with the popular crowd at Saint Nicetuis, just like his last school. There is one thing he isn't counting on at his new school, Layla Warren. 

Layla is different than any girl he's ever met. But of course, she has baggage and his name is Cooper Benedict. Coop is her on-again/off-again boyfriend. He's not interested in making room for a newby in town. 

As Trip finds his way in his new school for his final year of high school, he will learn a lot about friendship, life and most importantly, love. 

This is the story of Trip Wiley, famous actor, before he was Trip Wiley, from HIS point of view. 

My Thoughts

I have waited SO long for this book! I have obsessed over the Remember When series for over a year! This book was amazing! It lived up to all of my expectations, for real! 

I loved hearing the Trip/Layla story from his point of view. This novel fills in the gaps from the first series. This novel is filled with the same awesome writing style and passion. I just can't get enough! 

If you haven't read the Remember When series, please do! It is every teenage girl's fantasy written down in a book! Seriously! There are a lot of  80's/90's references making it just that much more fun to read. I mean, I hadn't thought about strolling the aisles of a movie rental store in ages! Which one makes me sound older? The fact that I know what a movie rental store is? Or the fact that I said "ages"? Either way, amazing book to follow an already amazing series. 500 star rating from me. 

Trip and Layla are my couple. I love them. They are relate-able and deep. They are a hot, passionate mess. They are beautiful, unpredictable and so much more. 

I do recommend this book for 18 and older. 


Be sure to enter the giveaway for your chance to win a $50 gift card & more!

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Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of this novel in return for my honest review. All opinions and statements above are my own. 

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Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus - Book Review

Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus - Book Review
Genre: Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Romance,
Thriller, Mystery, Supsense
Publication Date: September 21, 2017

Amelia, aka Lia, is a junior at Westbrook University. Lia spends her time watching the soccer gods, studying and of course eating! Life has gotten weird lately though. She has a new potential boyfriend, Connor. The problem is that Lia doesn't really do relationships. She's been hurt before and doesn't care for it to happen again.

She also has Robins. Robins is her super hot BFF (sounds awful, right?) and their relationship oozes with sexual tension (even more awful, right??).  Add Robins to the equation and let the chaos ensue!

The soccer gods have been acting weird lately too. Maybe there is something going on that Lia doesn't know about? Then again, she does start getting strange gifts and phone calls. It kind of feels like someone is watching her...

Little does Lia know, there is someone watching her. Hawk has deemed Lia his "Queen" and he refuses to let anyone come between them, especially not Connor. Hawk is just waiting for the time to be right to bring home his Queen. Then they can be together forever.

Rating: 5 stars

My thoughts:

Knights After My Heart is Sonya Jesus's debut novel. She did a wonderful job. Jesus writes the novel from two very different perspectives: Lia and Hawk.

Lia is a very likable character. She loves boys, her friends, and cake. She has an inner vixen and angel that often converse, and sometimes take over (I think every girl deserves to hear from those two every once in a while!). 

I still have some questions about Hawk. He is one mysteriously creepy dude! He kept the suspense high while manipulating everyone to fit perfectly into his plans. 

When I started this novel, I had no idea what to expect. It didn't take long before I was roped in and trying to sneak in extra reading time! The story line kept me guessing throughout this romantic thriller. I found myself twirling my hair and trying to determine the possible motives for the many in depth characters. Each player is part of a much larger game with Lia being the pawn. 

I can't wait to delve into the next book in the series. I. Must. Know. What. Happens! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the book in the comments below. 

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this novel in return for my honest review. All opinions and statements above are my own.

Purchase a copy of your own below on Amazon. 

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